Mexico Levies Tariffs on U.S. Pork

Another hit on hog producers came Tuesday when Mexico levied tariffs of 10 to 20 percent on unprocessed pork. The move comes in retaliation for tariffs on its metal exports to the United States. A ten percent tariff is effective immediately, jumping to 20 percent on July 5.

The list includes U.S. hams and pieces of ham, as well as fresh and frozen pork legs, shoulders, and their pieces without bones. The Mexican ministry will also open a 350,000-metric-ton tariff-free quota for imports of pork legs and shoulders from other countries.

Mexico’s decision follows similar retaliation in early April by China, which imposed additional 25 percent tariffs on U.S. pork. According to the National Pork Producers Council, those actions have already reduced live hog values by as much as $18 per animal on an annualized basis.