Mexico Calling for Flexibility in NAFTA Talks

Mexico is calling for flexibility in the North American Free Trade Agreement talks. A trade official from Mexico said that the only way the countries renegotiating NAFTA will find a solution is through “sufficient flexibility” to narrow differences. The official says Mexican and Canadian negotiators will be “engaging strongly” in July to reach an agreement that is “feasible, workable and benefits the three nations involved,” according to Reuters.

A White House official says the U.S. will seek to replace NAFTA with bilateral deals with Canada and Mexico if the talks fail. However, Canada and Mexico oppose that idea. President Donald Trump over the weekend and again on Monday targeted Canada’s dairy supply management system, saying Canada’s trade practices are harming U.S. farmers. While much of the NAFTA discussion is focused on automobile trade, dairy is a sticking point for Canada, which is not backing away from its dairy program.