“Menu Urbano” to Promote Pork to Latino Population

The U.S. Hispanic population consume more pork than non-Hispanics, per capita. Pork Checkoff Senior Director of Multicultural Marketing Jose de Jesus says that audience is being reached with a new promotion called Menu Urbano. Street food is a huge part of this effort.

“When you want authentic food, you can go to the street right?, from any sort of street vendor or food truck, that’s where you get the real deal. And we feel that, you know, pork, it’s, it’s all about flavor. It’s the authentic protein, and it has a cultural significance to many different groups, and we feel this, this whole concept of manual battle brings to life pretty neatly. So, really what we’re trying to do is putting a spotlight on food-centric stories to offer consumers authentic and really delicious street food.”

Menu Urbano reaches Latino consumers through a Spanish language website, social media and public relations outreach. de Jesus says the Pork Checkoff will concentrate on key areas.

“We’re teaming up with a celebrity and TV host. Her name is Anna Patricia Gammas. And she is a Mexican celebrity and a Univision TV host, and she has one of the premier Spanish language channels in the country. And really what we’re going to be doing is, we’re going to offer consumers a virtual, flavorful experience, featuring street food for dishes. So, we’re going to go to three different markets. So, we’re going to start with Miami. And we’re really going to go after street food, and that market. So, think about Miami without Caribbean focus and even South American focus, a lot of our content and food that we’re going to highlight with pork will be based on that on that region.”

This multicultural effort will also highlight content from Los Angeles and El Paso. In de Jesus’ view, the Menu Urbano campaign is all about real food.

“Pork is always at the table at the most important times, whether it be at a at a family gathering during the holiday, but also in terms of tradition and culture. And street food, you cannot get any closer to culture, heritage, tradition, authenticity, than that. And I think street food brings it all together. And it really underscores the importance of real pork which is rooted in all those things that we just talked about. It’s about flavors, about culture, right? And I think this concept captures that very nicely and we know that because our research has pointed us in that direction over the last year or so.”