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Tuesday, October 21, 2014

Local Markets - Top
Local Markets - Top- nc commish
Local Markets - Top- Sc Commish
Columbia, SC    Tuesday, October 21, 2014 USDA-SC Dept Ag Market News

South Carolina closing cash grain bids as of 3:00 P.M.  Prices delivered 
to country elevators or processors. New crop bids noted with (*).

US 2 Yellow Corn was mostly 8 higher; one location 3 lower.
US 1 Yellow Soybeans were 20 cents higher.
US 2 Red Wheat had too few bids to trend.
New Crop US 2 Red Wheat had too few bids to trend.

CORN: Country Elevators---3.46 at Kingstree; 3.86 at Hamer; 3.46 at 
Lynchburg; 3.76 at Conway; 3.36 at Estill; Processors---3.96 at 
Orangeburg; 4.20 at Monetta; 4.21 at Sumter; 4.11 at Cassatt.

SOYBEANS: Country Elevators---8.90 at Anderson; 8.99 at Kingstree; 9.39 
at Hamer; 8.99 at Lynchburg; 9.24 at Conway; 9.34 at Estill; 8.90 at 
Ridge Spring; Processors---9.64 at Kershaw; Export---9.99 at Mt. 

WHEAT: Country Elevators---4.34 at Anderson; *4.97 at Hamer; No Bid at 
Estill; 3.86 at Ridge Spring; Processors---No Bid at Monetta; No Bid at 
Sumter; Export---*5.07 at Mt. Pleasant; US 1 Soft Red Wheat 5.50 at 

COUNTRY ELEVATORS    US 2 Yellow       US 1 Yellow       US 2 Soft Red
                         Corn             Soybeans           Wheat
                     Cash  New Crop    Cash  New Crop    Cash  New Crop
Anderson                               8.90              4.34
Kingstree            3.46              8.99                
Hamer                3.86              9.39                        4.97
Lynchburg            3.46              8.99             
Conway               3.76              9.24 
Estill               3.36              9.34              No Bid  
Ridge Spring                           8.90              3.86
Orangeburg           3.96 
Monetta              4.20                                No Bid
Sumter               4.21                                No Bid
Cassatt              4.11                                     
Kershaw                                9.64   
Mt. Pleasant                           9.99                        5.07
WHEAT PROCESSORS                                         US 1 Soft Red
Columbia                                                 5.50 

Source: South Carolina Dept of Ag-USDA Market News, Columbia, SC 
803-737-4671. For more info check out the internet at 

15:14 ts

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