Major Animal Health Company Looking to Private Practitioners and Academia for Solutions

The PED virus has been infecting piglets for about 18 months now, and thus far, while the two vaccines available seem to be helping some, they’re not a be-all end-all solution.  Dr. Steve Sornsen, Sr. Director for Veterinary Business Solutions for Zoetis talks about a new program his company is offering:

“We are seeking proposals to find studies to further the knowledge around virus control. Since 2013 Zoetis has really tried to provide a solution. We recently announced we will fund proposals on how to best immunity for our producers and their sow herds.”

Sornsen explains that Zoetis is looking for studies on the PED virus, and are willing to fund those studies:

“We are looking for focus, well defined studies very focused on answering a question, also a quick study. We will fund one study up to $125k or several small ones.”

Any stakeholder involved in the swine industry is eligible:

“We believe that private practitioners, vets, academics and researchers in the industry will respond to this proposal.”

But, time is short says Sornsen:

“We are looking for proposals to come in by December 5th, and make a decision and publicize in January.”

Sornsen stresses that private practitioners are not only eligible to submit a proposal, but encouraged:

“Private practitioners or those that work for larger production companies, anyone that has a good idea to help answer questions to improve the situation with the PED virus.”

To learn more about this opportunity from Zoetis click here

Dr. Steve Sornsen, Sr. Director for Veterinary Business Solutions for Zoetis



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