House Ag Committee Chair Visits North Carolina

North Carolina’s 7th district representative, David Rouzer hosted House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway on Monday in Raleigh in a round-table discussion with the state’s agriculture leaders and stakeholders to hear directly from them what their concerns and issues are.

Not surprisingly, the big issues now being debated by both houses of Congress; COOL, Waters of the US, Immigration Reform and trade agreements were the top concerns.  Mr. Conaway recapped those issues and discussions with Southern Farm Network:

“The trade issue is a big deal for all agriculture to be able to export and reduce barriers and tariffs and open markets, and to allow Americans to compete on an even level.

The process bill that we passed last week now allows us to work toward a TPP or another agreement with Europe.

With immigration reform, I worry that the President doesn’t want to get it done and as a result nothing is going to happen. It will require leadership out of the White House and from my perspective they don’t want to fix it.

With COOL- its over the Senate now. Pat Roberts knows what needs to get done and he is working with Debbie Stabenow. The Canadians and Mexicans will not back down from this issue.

I don’t want a voluntary program that can morph into a mandatory program. A clean elimination of the program is the best way. If a commodity wants to do a marketing program themselves, fine, but it shouldn’t be federally mandated.”


House Ag Committee Chair Mike Conaway.



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