Wednesday, October 24, 2018

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NC State University and the NC Small Grain Growers Association recently teamed up to showcase wheat research at five field days across the state of North Carolina. If you weren’t able to attend one of the field days, Southern Farm Network’s coverage, courtesy of Sorghum Partners, will allow you to hear from the region’s leading agronomists on the latest wheat production management practices.

Listen to field day presentations from the region’s leading experts on wheat production:

Small Grain Weed Control and Herbicide Resistant Rye Grass

Wes Everman, Department of Crop Science at NCSU

Impact of Cold Temperatures on Leaf and Tiller Development

Ron Heiniger, Department of Crop Science at NCSU

Soft Wheat Varieties in the Official Variety Test

Paul Murphy, Department of Crop Science at NCSU

Wheat Fields as a Function of Nitrogen Rates and Fertilizer Type

Randy Weisz, Department of Soil Science at NCSU

Comparing Broadcast and Drill Planting Methods in Wheat

Randy Weisz, Department of Crop Science at NCSU

Head Scab Management and Other Disease Research

Christina Cowager, USDA-ARS, NCSU


Review valuable information distributed at the field days:

wheat prod trials

fung eff trial

variety perf data

field stud


Enjoy photos taken from the Small Grain Field Days!