Grain Bin Safety & Rescue Training being Offered

Perdue Agribusness is offering a Grain Bin Rescue Training course in Belhaven, North Carolina on Saturday, May 31st.  Class gets underway at 8:00 am and class size is limited, so please RSVP by Wednesday, May 28th by calling (252)943-3061 ext 2.

Immigration Reform Important to Voters in Survey

A new Politico poll shows more than 70-percent of likely voters surveyed support sweeping changes to current U.S. immigration laws. About 80-percent of Democrats, 64-percent of Republicans and 71-percent of independent voters agree changes are needed. Only 28-percent of 867 likely voters surveyed in early May oppose comprehensive immigration reform. Eighty-five percent of Hispanics, 74-percent of white voters and 58-percent of African-American voters consider the issue important when determining who to vote for this fall.

Anti-GMO Attitudes May be Changing

The American Farm Bureau says public attitudes may be changing toward the anti-GMO movement – despite local bans, bills and ballot questions. At least a dozen places around the nation have banned or limited genetically modified crops – most recently two southern Oregon counties. Eighty-five bills on GMO labeling are pending in 30-states – with dueling bills in Congress.

American Farm Bureau spokesman Mace Thornton says AFBF opposes initiatives that limit farmers’ use of biotechnology.

Thornton says with about half U.S. planted acres now producing GMO crops – it all boils down to growing more food on the same or fewer acres to feed a soaring world population that could top 9-billion by 2050.


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