Flood Damage to Newly Planted Crops in Southeast North Carolina


In the latest crop progress report for North Carolina for conditions through Sunday, June 2nd, there were five and a half days suitable for field work across the Tar Heel State compared to just over three the previous week.  Taylor Williams with Moore County Extension reports that overall, 20% of the peach crop is viable, with the March Freeze destroying most peaches and blueberries in the area. Blackberries and strawberries (which were protected) fared much better. Labor shortages are significant. Mark Seitz with Pender County Extension reports that heavy rains early last week left many fields flooded. Poorly drained soils caused flood damage in late planted corn, soybeans and cotton across Pender County.

Severe Storm Damages Coastal Tobacco Crop

There were five and a half days suitable for field work in South Carolina as reported in the latest Crop Progress Report for conditions through Sunday, June 2nd, one more day than the previous week.

Kyle Daniel in Georgetown County reports that a severe thunderstorm with straight line winds, hail, and heavy rain ravished the northern portion of the county on Saturday afternoon. Some tobacco farmers had several fields that will be a total loss along with significant damage to corn. Otherwise, corn looks really good with most of the crop in full tassel. And Charles Davis in Calhoun County reports that early cotton has grown out of thrips damage, and later planted cotton and peanuts benefited from lower thrips numbers. Rain is needed across the area. Irrigation systems are busy.

Some Ag Exports See Significant Increase

USDA trade economist Bryce Cooke, reviews of some of the U.S. bulk product exports which are much higher than a year ago.


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