Farmers Concerned About Markets, Family’s Health during Crisis

A poll by Farm Journal shows farmers and ranchers are concerned about uncertainty in commodity markets, the financial stability of their businesses, and the health of their families, and their workforce.

The poll gauged farmer responses regarding top issues surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic. Survey results show 90 percent of farmers and ranchers say they expect COVID-19 to impact their business. While only 30 percent have a fear of becoming sick themselves, many expressed concerns about family and friends in higher risk categories. One-third of respondents said they’ve been directly impacted by the disease.

“Planting crops, maintaining dairy operations and other agricultural work is critical to our national security and social well-being,” said Farm Journal’s Charlene Finck. “We will get through these uncertain times together.”

Agriculture is designated as an essential or critical industry for the nation as the farm workforce helps to feed the nation during the COVID-19 pandemic.