Farmer Surveys for August Crop Report Underway


The farmer survey aspect of the data collection for the August crop report is underway.  Lance Honig, Chief of the Crops Branch of USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service:

“For the August report, we survey about 22,000 producers, we’re calling producers, we’re mailing them questionnaires, but the bottom line is, we’re asking those producers to tell us what do you expect the yield will be for various crops that you’re growing this season.  We know that producers are obviously in the know, the best source of information that we have, and that’s why we go to producers.  We appreciate all the time and effort that that they put into completing those surveys and getting them back to us.”

Pork Industry Supports No Regulation Without Representation Act

The National Pork Producers Council has expressed support for the No Regulation Without Representation Act of 2017. The legislation, introduced in the U.S. House by Wisconsin Republican James Sensenbrenner, would stop states from adopting laws and regulations that ban the sale of out-of-state products that don’t meet their criteria. National Pork Producers Council says that means the bill would prohibit a state from imposing tax or regulatory burdens on businesses, including pork operations, that are not physically present in the state. Nine states have banned, through legislation or ballot measures, gestation stalls, battery cages and veal crates, but only California and Massachusetts extended the bans to sales in their state of products produced anywhere in the country that don’t comply with their housing standards.

Antitrust Institute, NFU, Say Monsanto-Bayer Merger Puts Farmers at Risk

The American Antitrust Institute, along with Food & Water Watch and the National Farmers Union penned a letter to the Department of Justice denouncing the Monsanto-Bayer merger. The letter notes that the merger would complete a sweeping restructuring of the agricultural biotechnology industry, creating the “Big 3” companies where just two years ago, there were six major rivals. The groups say the deal would likely harm competition, farmers and consumers.

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