EPA Employees Seek Democrat Oversight Investigation Questioning Political Retaliations

Nearly 600 former employees of the Environmental Protection Agency seek an investigation into alleged political retaliations. A letter by employees announced Thursday asks the House Oversight Committee to investigate President Donald Trump’s alleged abuse of EPA authority. The group cites Trump threatening California with enforcement actions while ignoring worse violations in other states. At least six states have had more major pollution sources in significant noncompliance with environmental laws over the last three years than California. The letter was a partial response to President Trump’s September 19 claim that homeless people are responsible for “tremendous” amounts of ocean pollution in California and EPA’s September 26 follow-up letter threatening enforcement action. The 593 former EPA officials objected to a September 24 letter from Wheeler to California Governor Gavin Newsom that threatened to withhold federal highway funds based on California’s failure to meet air quality standards. That letter was sent shortly after the Trump EPA announced it would undermine California’s efforts to reduce air pollution by blocking the state’s limits on greenhouse gas emissions from