Environmentalist Take Aim at Proposed Head of EPA


Environmentalists charge President Trump’s pick for EPA Chief may shut down the agency’s office responsible for enforcing rules like ‘Waters of the US.’   But an American Farm Bureau official counters, the Sierra Club is just trying to “stir the pot” to derail Trump’s nominee.

AFB’s Don Parrish dismisses Sierra Club’s claim that Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt wants to do to EPA’s Office of Enforcement & Compliance, what he did to Oklahoma’s environmental enforcement unit, which is shut it down.

Sierra Club says the Trump EPA is actively considering returning civil enforcement of rules like WOTUS, now on hold in the courts, to more politically-motivated program offices, thus curbing EPA’s work.

Parrish says it’s the environmentalists that are playing politics…

“Their total existence is based on their ability to raise funds.  And they’re trying to stir up controversy here before Scott Pruitt gets into place.”

Parrish argues, the real reason environmentalists are upset, is Pruitt’s vow to follow the law, as Congress intended

FBI Backlog Holding up Perdue Confirmation
Senate Agriculture Chairman Pat Roberts (R-Kan.) says he is holding off scheduling a confirmation hearing for President Donald Trump’s nominee for agriculture secretary, Sonny Perdue, due to backlogged FBI background checks. The hearing will be pushed back to at least the end of the month if it cannot be scheduled for next week.

Rural Hospitals Fear Cuts

Rural Hospital leaders told lawmakers last week that they are facing challenges to stay open for rural residents. Lawmakers said they are trying to find ways to protect and even expand health care into rural America. senators and representatives met with members of the National Rural Health Association, which is made up of hospital administrators and rural clinics, during the association’s policy conference, which is going on as Congress is getting set to repeal the Affordable Care Act. The administrators say there is no good way of eliminating the policy without causing millions of people to potentially lose their health care. Hospitals are typically the biggest employers in rural towns and can be a very important part of recruiting new businesses to their area. The loss of a hospital in a small town often leads to a reduction in property values in rural communities.

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