EEE Vaccinations Prevent Deadly Horse Disease

North Carolina’s State Veterinarian, Dr. Doug Meckes fills in for NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler this week talking about Eastern Equine Encephalomylytus, or triple E.  This is a mosquito-borne illness that affects the equine species.  While almost 100% fatal, the neurological disease can be prevented with a simple vaccine protocol, in combination with West Nile Virus.

Dr. Meckes says that it’s been several years since North Carolina has seen a case of West Nile in horses, due in no small part to the effectiveness of the vaccine, and the same could be true for triple E, if owners of donkeys, mules and horses would vaccinate correctly.  With that being said, the number of cases in the state are decreasing every year.

The push to vaccinate this year is enhanced by the mild winter in the southeast, mosquito populations showing up earlier than usual, and likely in larger numbers.

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