Economist Mike Walden: Foreign College Students

I’m Mary Walden with economist MW welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program looks at foreign college students.  Mike, anyone attending a college graduation ceremony this year will likely see many foreign students attending.   This appears to be a change from what I remember of my college graduation many – I won’t say how many – decades ago.  Are we seeing more foreign born students attend US colleges and universities?

  1. Yes, we are, and the big change is Chinese students
  2. In 2000, barely any Chinese students came to the US to study
  3. Now, about 350,000 do every year, and the number is rising by about 25,000 each year
  4. Two benefits for the US- the foreign students pay the full costs, and they can acquire a better understanding of our country – which hopefully will be beneficial for US-Chinese relations
  5. For the Chinese – they acquire an education at top universities in the world; are also exposed to US culture
  6. As the Chinese economy has expanded, more of their US college grads return to China – now estimated 80% return