Eastern Carolina Cattlemen’s Conference Coming Up

The Eastern Carolina Cattlemen’s Conference is scheduled for Tuesday, December 2nd in Clinton at the Agri-Exposition Center.  Paul Gonzales, Sampson County Extension talks about the event:

“We will be going from 12:30 to 7:30. We will have discussions on weed control in Bermuda grass hay fields. Also managing cull cows and when the right time to sell is. Also the 300 day grazing program that was recently developed.

It’s a good time for cattlemen, prices are up and there is some money to be made.

We always have weed problems in our pastures and it’s not good for the animals. Knowing when the right time to sell cull cattle is important. The longer you can graze the cheaper your inputs would be. We will cover all of these topics.

It will be Tuesday December 2nd at the Sampson County Agibusiness Center. We start at 12:30 and end with dinner at 6:30. Registration at the door is $25 for producers and $15 for students. You don’t need to sign up in advance.”

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