Early Entry Deadline for Corn Yield Contest Drawing Nigh

Corn growers can save on their National Corn Yield Contest entry by signing up for the contest before June 30. The contest by the National Corn Growers Association helps foster innovation and yield growth across the country. Linda Lambur, NCGA National Corn Yield Contest Manager, says the contest has grown over the years.

“The National Corn Yield Contest has been around since 1965. So, we are in our 56th year of the contest and it originated with four states and 20 entries and now we are nationwide with 75 plus entries every year.”

Lambur says participation is strong in the program, as it provides many benefits to the corn industry beyond the growers.

“It’s a compilation of NCGA, and all the growers, seed companies, equipment manufacturers, chemical manufacturers and all our fabulous volunteer supervisors and they’re all out trying to compete, often at no cost to the grower because we have some many seed companies now in our voucher program that will cover the costs for the growers. They can try new practices on just a ten-acre plot to see what the potential is to increase their yield and have greater efficiency and greater profitability.”

Recent years have brought large national corn crops. Lambur says that makes the contest more relevant than ever for growers to participate in.

As we’re trying to maintain the sustainability of the land, the new practices, the new applications, the new chemicals, the new hybrids, all the new products that are available through this contest for the ten acre plot will advance the grower forward. Change is the constant in life, so I think to positively influence the change is a great position for us to be in, in support of the contest and the growers.”

The contest helps support NCGA and gives farmers a chance to try new things on their farm.

“It is a great membership driver for our organization and the seed companies and even the chemical companies and equipment manufacturers, their benefit is it’s a marketing tool. We do publish all these variables at the end of the contest year. So, if you want to do a comparison on your operation, and you have like operations, maybe you can incorporate something that somebody else has used for your area.”

Growers can enter the contest for $75 before June 30. Lambur says after that date, the entry fee increases to $110.

“Growers can participate in the contest by logging on to our website, www.ncga.com, and clicking on the Corn Yield Contest. We’d like you to enter by June 30. If not, July first through August 15 is the final deadline date.”