Drought Conditions in the Carolinas Holding Steady


Drought conditions in both North and South Carolina remained stable as reported in the latest drought monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday.  North Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions encompass the Piedmont, from South Carolina to the Virginia border totaling 25.28% of the state, the same as last week.  South Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions are localized in northern Horry County along the North Carolina border, equaling 2.36% of the state, both figures are the same as last week.  the remainder of both states is drought free.

National Weather Forecast for Aug 15 – 21

USDA meteorology intern, Seth Cohen, has the eight to 14 day weather outlook.

“Cool weather is going to remain n the central US, additional wetness is likely in the central Plains extending into the southeastern US in the latter half of the week.”

Senate/FCC Expanding Rural Broadband Access

The Federal Communications Commission and the Senate are taking specific steps to bring more broadband access into underserved rural areas. The FCC is moving forward on plans for something called a “reverse auction” next year, which would provide nearly $2 billion over the next ten years to expand high-speed access in rural areas that don’t have a fixed broadband service. The commission is looking for comments from interested parties as to how they should run the auction, including how interested parties can participate in the auction, how potential bidders would submit bids, and how the FCC will process those bids to determine both the winners and the support amounts. FCC Chairman Ajit Pai  says he expects the auction to attract providers that haven’t ever received universal funding.

Poll Shows Americans Support Tax Reform for Farmers

A new poll shows a large majority of American voters support tax reforms, including some changes that would help America’s farm and ranch families. The survey, conducted by Morning Consult, found that 7 out of 10 American voters agreed passing tax reforms should be an important priority for Congress. Over half the voters supported specific tax reform provisions that would be a benefit for farmers and ranchers. Some of the provisions include allowing farmers to deduct machinery purchases in the year they’re made, decreasing capital gains taxes, and eliminating the death tax.

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