Developing ASF Action Plans

Developing ASF Action Plans

Last week was The USDA ASF Action Week with daily educational webinars focusing on prevention, preparation and response. Dr. Pam Zaabel, Director of Swine Health for the National Pork Board, urged producers to implement and train specific biosecurity protocols.

“To develop these sites specific biosecurity plans and then start to implement these biosecurity measures on their site. And, you know, that can be somewhat daunting if it’s something that is new to you or depending on where you are in the process. I would encourage producers to always include their herd veterinarian in their process because of course they are a great resource to help develop those plans and implement those biosecurity measures.” 

Zaabel says she hopes producers can find ways to implement biosecurity protocols without the process becoming too daunting by adapting and writing plans specific to their operation in phases.

“You know, what are my goals to implement the measures over the next month or the next three months or the next six months, because I think, some of these measures as you identify them in your plans are maybe a little easier to implement. And so those are kind of the low hanging fruit, I can easily implement these measures so I’m going to start following them daily, because again, biosecurity needs to be part of that routine.” 

All recorded sessions, and the registration link for tomorrow’s webinar, from ASF Action week are available on the USDA APHIS website.

“Also, on Friday specifically looking a lot at the feral swine situation, and some of the planned response activities involving feral pigs during an ASF outbreak. And if producers miss some of the webinars this week, they can view those, all the webinars were recorded they can view those recorded webinars by signing up on the USDA APHIS stakeholders registry.”