Democrats Hitting Trump Over Ag Policies

The Democratic National Committee had a lot to say last week about the Trump Administration’s trade policies and the impact those policies are having on U.S. farmers.

In an email blast, the DNC said, “Farmers are suffering, and Trump and his administration continue to make it worse.” The email listed several instances in recent weeks that have led to building tension in agriculture. Some of the stories included wheat growers who were furious about Trump’s dismissive comments about wheat exports to Japan, as well as a joke that Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue told about farmers whining.

The DNC also mentioned ag groups shooting down White House adviser Peter Navarro’s statement that trade aid is “making farmers whole again.”

A Trump campaign spokeswoman says the administration is confident farmers will stick with their support of the president. The president talked about his confidence last week on Twitter, saying “Our great farmers know how important it is to win on trade. They will be the big winners.”

Politico says this was the fourth time in recent months that the Democrats went after the administration’s stance on agriculture and trade.