Cotton & Peanut Harvest Wrapping Up in South Carolina


There were just over five days suitable for field work in South Carolina in the week ended November 12th, compared to six the previous week according to the latest Crop Progress Report issued by USDA. Rusty Skipper with Horry County reports that good weather in the county was favorable for farmers harvesting cotton and peanuts.  Weather permitting, soybean harvest should ramp up this week.  Matthew Wannamaker with Lexington County reports that much needed rainfall arrived, reducing the abnormally dry conditions.  The large majority of cotton and peanuts have been harvested, and soybean harvest is progressing quickly because dry conditions are allowing field access.

Rain Slows Soybean Harvest In North Carolina

In the latest Crop Progress report for North Carolina for the week ended November 12th, there were just over four days suitable for field work across the state, compared to almost six the previous week.  Charles Mitchell with Franklin County Extension reported that rain slowed down soybean harvest, and while it’s good to have rain for the emerging small grains crops, dry weather would be appreciated to finish up soybean harvest.  Tim Britton with Johnston County Extension says that a week of drizzle and damp weather slowed down most farming activities, and Daniel Simpson with Pamlico County says showers slowed soybean harvest, but yields are good.

EPA Bans Scientists with Funding from Serving on Advisory Boards

Scott Pruitt, head of the Environmental Protection Agency announced plans to drop scientists who have received EPA grants from key scientific advisory groups. The decision was made to avoid conflicts of interest and to ensure advice is given from outside EPA. The new policy is said to impact hundreds of scientists collaborating on university environment and health programs. Current members of the advisory groups must choose to remain in their positions or keep their grant.

Farm Bill Timing Pushes to 2018

A report was published this week suggesting the House Agriculture Committee is putting the finishing touches on the 2018 Farm Bill.  The report states that, while few details are known, the Committee faced substantial financial challenges in attempting to fund the proposals that have been put forward by stakeholders. News from the House Agriculture Committee indicates it will be early 2018 before introduction of the legislation when House leadership guarantees floor time for its consideration.

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