Sorghum Checkoff Looks for More Markets

Yesterday, we heard from one of the youngest checkoff programs…the Sorghum Checkoff.  Executive Director for the United Sorghum Checkoff Program Florentino Lopez says the Checkoff focuses on three areas, crop improvement, renewables and high value markets…

“The crop improvement side is really tied into those items that are in need from an agronomic prospective either from yield or new opportunities in weed control.”

There are two marketing professionals working on new markets explains Lopez:

“On the other side we have two individuals who are responsible for the high value market and the renewables areas. We look to find ways that sorghum would fit into ethanol companies’ plans and ways to increase the demand.”

As for the future of sorghum demand, Lopez says…

“Often times there is a lot of sorghum that goes out internationally. We do identify domestic markets as being key drivers. We are looking into all new markets including pet food and other unique opportunities.”

Executive Director for the United Sorghum Checkoff Program, Florentino Lopez.



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