Commissioner Weathers: SCDA Launches Agribusiness Development Grants Program

Commissioner Weathers is here and happy to announce a new program within ACRE. Commissioner Weathers, please tell us more about the ACRE Agribusiness Development Grants program.

  • South Carolina Department of Agriculture wants to make it a priority to help individuals in the agricultural sector be more aware of the resources that they have available
  • The Agribusiness Center for Research and Entrepreneurship (ACRE) announces a new program connecting agribusiness entrepreneurs with local and federal grant opportunities that often go untapped
  • The ACRE Agribusiness Development Grants program is working with Matson Consulting in Aiken, SC
  • They will connect South Carolina applicants with grant opportunities in the areas of Marketing, Feasibility studies, Personnel, Logistics, Access to local and regional food products, Technology, Education and training, and Agritourism
  • These grants cannot be utilized to buy a new truck, purchase new equipment, and build new infrastructure solely for personal purposes
  • Every year, federal and state grant money that could assist South Carolina’s agribusiness entrepreneurs is left undiscovered and unutilized.
  • The key is connection, and working with agribusiness experts at Matson Consulting, the ACRE Agribusiness Development Grants Program will connect entrepreneurs with appropriate grant opportunities
  • How to receive information from the website:
  • Go onto and learn more about the agribusiness grant initiative and give your information.
  • Once you have filled out your information it will be sent to Kyle Player
  • Kyle Player will contact you to discuss your options
  • For more information on the Entrepreneurship Center and other ACRE initiatives, contact Kyle Player, ACRE Project Coordinator, 803-734-2324 or