Commissioner Weathers: Fresh on the Menu


Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us about “Fresh on the Menu” and how the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is trying to bring more awareness to the program

  • The Fresh on the Menu program is the restaurant segment of the Certified SC Grown program from the South Carolina Department of Agriculture
  • Fresh on the Menu was created to help increase the per capita income of rural South Carolinians through the generation of agricultural commerce
  • Not only does participation help reach this goal, it’s also a great way to promote local restaurants
  • Members are required to dedicate at least 25% of their ingredients to come from Certified South Carolina grown products that are in season
  • This means that when customers dine at Fresh on the Menu restaurants they eat fresher, healthier food that tastes better
  • Benefits of Fresh on the Menu:
  • A free, dedicated app that features Fresh on the Menu restaurants. Customers can find restaurants by name, search a location, and see contact information, as well as save and share their favorites.
  • On-premises promotional material
  • Support with retail, marketing and advertising
  • Restaurant promotions both inside and outside of South Carolina
  • Recently, to bring more awareness to the program, SCDA has partnered with Chernoff Newman to make videos showcasing Fresh on the Menu
  • Featured are some famous faces such as The Lee Brothers and Patricia Moore-Pastides
  • Also featured are restaurants and distributers such as 1801 Grille, Crave, and City Roots.
  • SCDA will be posting Fresh on the Menu videos to YouTube and on our social channels highlighting chefs, restaurants and recipes that use fresh, CertifiedSC produce and products in the kitchen
  • Please email or call Ansley Rast Turnblad at or 803-734-2200 and she can get your membership started