Commissioner Weathers: ACRE’s Competitive Grants Program

ACRE’s Competitive Grants Program has been kicked off by their Inaugural Governing Board Meeting. Commissioner Hugh Weathers has already told us about ACRE’s Entrepreneur Center, and he is here now to tell us more about the research branch of ACRE.

  • We are bringing South Carolina’s premier researchers together to assist in developing cutting edge, new technologies for the food, feed and agribusiness world.
  • Our Co-Directors of Research Annel Greene and Tom Scott of Clemson University are working to connect agribusiness challenges with South Carolina higher education researchers to create new solutions and technologies.
  • The team will work to ensure safety of food and agricultural products, to promote environmentally sound practices, and to develop new market opportunities for the South Carolina agricultural industry.
  • ACRE Competitive Grants Program had their Inaugural Governing Board Meeting Thursday, March 8th
  • The Governing Board reviewed research needs in the Agribusiness industry in anticipation for developing a program that will benefit all of the agribusiness sector in South Carolina
  • Some may notice that the Governing Board is comprised of poultry and co-products companies.
  • The poultry and co-product industries are one of the largest sectors of economic impact in South Carolina
  • The Goal for ACRE’s CGP is to benefit all food, feed, and agriculture industries in South Carolina
  • Eventually it will grow to 15 members. Three members will be SCDA employees and the remaining 12 will be industry leaders