Commissioner Troxler: Upcoming Trade Mission to Brazil

The NCDA&CS Marketing Division is planning a trade trip to Brazil Feb, 18-24 that Commissioner Steve Troxler will be attending. Brazil is one of our leading competitors when it comes to trade, and we hope to learn more about the competition through this trip. Oil seed (soybeans) is among Brazil’s top exports, with much of their crop going to China.

  • In February, I will lead a trade mission to Brazil. As one of our leading competitors in trade, we hope to learn more about the competition through this trip.
  • Anyone who knows me, know that I much prefer the comfort of my home in Brown Summit to traveling abroad, but in my job as Commissioner it is important for me to be engaged in trade opportunities and stay current on trade issues.
  • We will have representatives from a number of our state’s agricultural groups and commodity associations on this learning trip, and I look forward to talking with them about future challenges and opportunities they see for the industry.
  • One of Brazil’s top export crops is soybeans, with much of the oil seed going to China. China is the world’s top importer of soybeans.
  • China also purchases tobacco from Brazil – another crop that we also look to export to China.
  • Brazil faces some of the same challenges as we do in terms of infrastructure. And as agriculture continues to trend towards a global marketplace, I want North Carolina to have the commodities, infrastructure and trade partners to grow.
  • Exports will continue to play a significant role in the future success of North Carolina agriculture. Right now, we are looking at $4 billion in exports, and that does not include $1.5 billion in wood products. The potential for growth is tremendous.
  • 95 percent of the world population lives outside the United States.
  • Pork, wood products, tobacco, sweet potatoes and soybeans are among our top exports. These products are making a name for themselves overseas, with buyers valuing the high quality of the product.
  • Three of every four rows of tobacco is for the export market, and we consistently load containers with high quality soybeans for exports.
  • As we work to establish and strengthen trade relationships, I am optimistic we will see our export numbers climb, which bodes well for the future of agriculture.
  • I am looking forward to the lessons and opportunities this trade mission will bring.