Commissioner Troxler: Ag Exports Seminar Coming Up

An upcoming Ag Export Seminar hosted by the N.C. Department of Agriculture May 24 and 25 offers an excellent opportunity for farmers and agribusiness companies to learn more about the ins and outs of exporting agricultural products. The seminar will cover export requirements, logistics, finance and trade support. The deadline to register is April 24.

  • We talk a lot in these segments about the importance of agricultural exports today and in the future, and the opportunities the export market represents for our growers and producers. The topic is especially relevant now with the recent trade tariffs.
  • Agriculture operates in a world market, and we want fair and free trade. There is a huge percentage (95%) of people who live outside the United States, and we want to be able to provide food and fiber to meet their needs.
  • On May 24 and 25, our International Marketing Section will be hosting an Ag Export Seminar in Greensboro.
  • This conference will provide support and education to growers and agribusiness owners interested in potentially exporting products.
  • Right now our ag exports stand at $4 billion and that does not include another $1.5 billion in forestry and wood products. We want to see that number grow. It’s the reason we host events like this.
  • Some of the topics that will be covered at this conference are export requirements, logistics, finance and trade support. There will also be market briefings on Europe, China, South America and the Caribbean.
  • Our top trade partners are:
    • China (16 % of our total exports)
    • Japan (16 % of our total exports)
    • Canada (10 % of our total exports)
    • Mexico (9 % of our total exports)
  • Navigating export markets can be tricky. There is no one-size-fits -all rules for trade. Requirements vary country to country, some types of commodities require special inspections and certificates, and financing rules vary.
  • This seminar will help business owners understand the process better and will introduce them to some of the trade resources available.
  • Speakers will include Ambassador Jim Cain, from Cain Global Business Partners, as well as experts from the Economic Partnership of North Carolina, the Southern United States Trade Association and Euromonitor.
  • I believe this will be a very informative seminar for interested businesses and farms.
  • Tickets are $100 and the deadline to register is April 24.