Commissioner Steve Troxler: Make Plans Now to Attend the NC State Fair

The N.C. State Fair is just around the corner and fairgoers still have time to save money by buying their tickets in advance. The State Fair runs Oct. 17-27.

  • The North Carolina State Fair is coming up Oct. 17-27 and this annual event draws around a million people a year. For many it is a fall tradition, and I understand that because it is one of my most favorite times of the year.
  • It’s hard not to like a fair – especially one like the State Fair. There are livestock exhibits, carnival rides, delicious foods, arts and crafts, a flower show, music, racing pigs and plenty of other entertainment.
  • There truly is something for everyone.
  • This year one of the most exciting new things will be the 155-foot-tall State Fair SkyGazer Ferris wheel. It is over 62 feet taller than Dorton Arena and has site lines of 15 miles. It will hold 216 riders and the ride takes about 10 minutes.
  • The ride is already going up on the fairgrounds now, which you can understand when you realize it had over a half a million individual LED lights and 6 miles of electrical wiring.
  • You won’t be able to miss it from anywhere on the fairgrounds or nearby. It is the largest traveling Ferris wheel in the United States.
  • We also have a lot of new entertainers coming this year including new stiltwalkers, a street drum corp, a one-man band, acrobats, and lumberjacks racing against one another on a log.
  • You’ll still be able to find such favorites as the racing pigs. Those shows draw large crowds and everyone enjoys cheering on the little piggies that race around for a Cheese Doodle. It’s a fun show.
  • We know that food is the No. 1 reason people say they come to the fair, and each year vendors try to outdo one another to have the best new fair food.
  • That just means fairgoers will get a lot of new choices to tempt their taste buds. This year we have 34 new food items
  • Some of the new items include: a Keto-diet friendly pizza, several stuffed baked potatoes, a jerk chicken rice bowl, roasted pumpkin spice corn, deep fried olives, Dole Whip, pimento cheese crab balls, deep fried emu burrito, chicken corn fritters, several new ice cream varieties, loaded lamb nachos, stuffed Cubano baguette, deep fried garlic cheese curd, a fried chicken sandwich on a cinnamon bun, and a deep-fried stuffed jalapeno with cheese and brisket called a JoCo HoHo.
  • You can see that vendors have really gotten creative this year!