Commissioner Steve Troxler: Agricultural Fair Season is Under Way!

Late summer and early fall is the heart of the agricultural fair season in North Carolina. The Drexel Community Fair is the first fair of the season, which ran Aug. 6-11, and the Cape Fear Fair ends the season Oct. 26-Nov.4. The department operates two agricultural fairs – the N.C. Mountain State Fair, Sept. 7-16, in Fletcher and the N.C. State Fair, which runs Oct. 11-21, in Raleigh. Agricultural fairs showcase the best of North Carolina and highlight agricultural contributions in their communities.

  • We have talked about a lot of serious matters lately, so I am happy to switch gears a bit and talk about something I look forward to every year –the N.C. Mountain State Fair (Sept. 7-16) and the N.C. State Fair (Oct. 11-21).
  • Actually, I look forward to the whole agricultural fair season, because I know local communities are gathering to celebrate the contributions of agriculture, the time of harvest and the talents of its people, while showcasing local traditions.
  • Altogether, there are 25 agricultural fairs held in the state. Community fairs are a true labor of love and require a lot of work to put on. Some of the larger fairs have full-time staff, while others are run by the local American Legion or other volunteers.
  • I am proud they continue to be held across the state because I know the tremendous effort that goes into these events.
  • I mentioned all the serious stories we have been talking about lately, and I think one thing that stands out to me is that we have to do a better job of helping people understand and appreciate where their food comes from.
  • I cannot stress that enough. This is the reason agricultural fairs are so important. By showcasing agriculture, these fairs help share the message of food production, the scope of the ag industry in North Carolina and hopefully the connection we all have to the farm.
  • If we eat, we are dependent on farmers to feed us. It’s that simple.
  • I hope residents will support their county fairs and the Mountain State Fair (Sept. 7-16) and the State Fair (Oct. 11-21). You can find a list of county fairs and their dates at
  • Advance tickets are available online now for both the Mountain State Fair and the N.C. State Fair. Save some money and save some time when you arrive, get your tickets in advance.