Commissioner Steve Troxler: Ag Disaster Relief Checks are in the Mail (or Soon Will Be)

Over 2,000 applications for disaster relief has been processed and checks cut to cover those, but work is ongoing. The first round of checks has generated questions and calls about the program, and Commissioner Steve Troxler wants to go over some of the more common ones to hopefully help answer people’s questions. Applicants can also go online and check the status of their application.


  • The first round of checks going out from the Hurricane Florence Agricultural Disaster Program of 2018 has been well received and has also generated a number of calls and questions from applicants.


  • I want to discuss some of the more common ones and also tell farmers how they can check the status of their application.


  • First and foremost, these applications are being handled randomly. We are addressing complete applications first, as those are among the easier ones to process.


  • We got a call last week from a farmer who had sent his application in before his neighbor and his neighbor had received his check already and he had not. He very likely won’t be the only one.


  • Thankfully, he had his reference number that was sent to him by email when he submitted his application and we were able to check his status.


  • If you go to our website: , we have a box with links about disaster relief. Click on the link below the image and it will take you to the main ag disaster page. In the box on the right side of the page the first link reads “Check Your Application Status.” You will need to enter the reference number you were sent when you submitted your application.


  • You will be given one of three answers regarding your status:
    • Incomplete
    • Under Review
    • Being Processed
  • You will NOT see anything about a payment amount, a payment estimate or when a check will be cut. We simply do not have the manpower to provide that detail of information and get checks out in as timely a fashion as possible.
  • Other key points that we have had questions about:
    • The application period is closed, so no other applications are being accepted.
    • These payments are taxable. An IRS Form 1099 for miscellaneous income will be issued to the individual or business entity.
    • All payments will be made by the Tax Identification number associated with the filed claim. All approved claims will be summarized together for a total loss crop estimate payment. So a farmer may have several claims tied to the Tax Identification number. Instead of cutting multiple checks, a farmer will be issued a single check covering the claims made.


  • We are trying to keep this process moving. We have processed over 2,000 applications, but we received around 7,000. This is big task, but we are working on it. I ask farmers to use the online status check tool rather than calling about their application, and to please be patient with us as we work through these.