Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Foreign Trips for SC Agriculture

Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us more about his time in England, Egypt and New York where he promoted South Carolina agribusiness in several different ways.

  • As promised, I am back to tell you more about my travels abroad.
  • I had a great time visiting with our friends across the pond and with the other five Ag Commissioners from various states that attended the trip as well, all planned by the British Embassy.
  • As Brexit unfolds, it is important for the U.S. and South Carolina to work with the UK to strengthen unilateral trade relationships as the landscape of the EU changes.
  • While in England, the group visited sheep, beef and dairy operations, as well as British Parliament, the Department for International Trade and the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs.
  • The second half of my trip was spent in Egypt, where conversation centered on improving S.C.’s status as a trade partner with Egypt. We currently rank 14th among US states in volume of trade with Egypt and are looking for ways to improve this.
  • I was able to tour SoyVen, a soybean crushing facility / joint venture between ADM and Cargill.
  • Our group also met with the President of Egypt. We were able to discuss food supply, water, technical education and resourcing.
  • Egypt has great interest in soybeans, poultry and sweet potatoes, which is all good news for South Carolina.
  • After my time abroad, I landed in New York City for the James Beard Dinner which celebrated five Chef Ambassadors from different regions of South Carolina, all using Certified South Carolina produce. It was great to have a nice South Carolina welcome back to the United States.
  • At the end of the day, my mission is to promote and advance South Carolina agriculture.