Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Congratulations Graduates!

Graduation season is upon us! SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to talk more about careers in agriculture for those just graduated or who will be graduating.

  • First, congratulations to all recent and upcoming graduates on your achievement. The completion of your education, whether it be high school, undergraduate or further education, will be the key to open many doors in the future.
  • Degrees and jobs in ag-related fields cannot be underestimated. Agriculture is the number one industry in South Carolina, and has an economic impact of over $41.7 billion, providing over 212,000 jobs.
  • Although farming may come to mind first when thinking of agriculture, there are many areas to explore within the industry, from sales, to research, to marketing.
  • I have a few words of advice for those seeking a career in agriculture:
    • Beginning your career in agriculture can start before you are ready for a full-time position. Having at least one good internship in the ag industry can take you a long way.
    • Agriculture is a tight-knit field and having a variety of references from the industry will be helpful in your future search for employment.
    • There are many resources for finding ag-related jobs. is an online job board that can help you find agriculture related positions in each state and even in other countries.
    • Not to mention, ag industry leaders often attend conventions that you can attend and meet future employers.
    • For example, Clemson University has its own ag career fair where businesses and corporations only from the ag sector network with students that are/ were in CAFLS.
    • This is a great opportunity to find internships or potential jobs.
    • Remember to take advantage of the resources around you!