Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Christmas Past and Present

This week, many of us will gather around the table to share Christmas dinner. While we celebrate the day and being with family, holiday dinners are also a good time to share your farm’s history with younger generations. Commissioner Hugh Weathers joins me now with more.

Christmas Past

  • This time of year, Blanche and I always enjoy reminiscing about some of our Christmases past.
  • Christmas is the perfect time to be with loved ones to share holiday memories and stories about the farm. It is also a good time to pass down the history of our land. Of course, on a dairy farm, we had plenty of Christmas Day memories of something involving cows…
  • Growing up, I remember how farm families, like ours, worked hard all year, and Christmas Day was no exception. We knew that before we could open presents, someone had to feed up and handle the morning chores. Cows, chickens and any other livestock, don’t care that it’s Christmas, they just want their morning meal
  • When we were growing up, our family seemed to make an extra effort to be with loved ones during the holidays, to show compassion for the less fortunate and to share stories of family history.


Christmas Present

  • This year, our holiday season had an extra holiday party. Blanche and I were fortunate enough to be in Washington for a Christmas party at the White House. We started our day at Arlington National Cemetery and I got to see the thousands of wreaths laid for our fallen veterans.
  • We then headed to the White House and got to see the decorations of the season with my friend Secretary Perdue and his wife. In the Green Room at the White House, there was a tree decorated in honor of the farmer and agriculture in America.
  • We plan to gather the family around our table this Christmas with a meal that will feature our favorite Certified SC grown products and share those special memories of growing up on the farm.
  • My two grandchildren, Clara and Virginia, will really get to enjoy Christmas this year. Seeing the magic of Christmas through the eyes of a child helps us all remember why this season is so meaningful.
  • I wish you and yours a holiday season filled with great memories and new traditions your family will enjoy for a lifetime. Merry Christmas!