Cold Temps Worry Farmers; Beef Sales are Up

Cold Temp

Farmers are worried about their crops with the latest blast of cold weather. Ron Edwards, manager of a farm near Charlotte tells WSOC News there is not much they can do to prevent damage. Crews are pruning peach trees, which is what they typically do before the trees start blooming.
The blooms are two weeks early, sprouting in the last several days with the sunny and spring-like weather.


McDonald’s makes more of a move toward fresh beef. Here’s Steve Kathan.


President Donald Trump is *not* letting GOP criticism deflect him from imposing tariffs on US steel and aluminum imports. House speaker Paul Ryan says he is “extremely worried” about the consequences of the president’s plan. CBS News Correspondent Chip Reid has more.


NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler just returned from a whirlwind trade info gathering mission to Brazil. That country’s recent growth in agriculture has the US farm and food industry wondering if this trend will continue. Rod Bain reports…

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