Clemson Extension Recognizes Agents


The Clemson University Cooperative Extension Service recognized 16 agents from across South Carolina for their dedication to helping farmers stricken by the historic flood of 2015.

These agents, many of whom faced their own personal strife during the flood, responded in the days, weeks and months following the natural disaster by working with farmers to assess damages, navigate insurance policies, recoup what crops they could and plan for the following year. Several worked to clean up roadways of debris or pull farm equipment from flooded fields.

Voices frequently heard on the Southern Farm Network were among the recipients, including Charles Davis of Calhoun County, Patricia DeHond of Darlington County, and David DeWitt of Lee County.

Where has all the chicken gone? The same place as pork and beef

USDA reported last week that chicken available for domestic consumption fell by 7 percent, year over year, in December. The reason? Chicken export volumes were up 28 percent from the year earlier.

Similarly, while supplies of pork for domestic consumption were up less than 1 percent in December, export volumes were up 15 percent, according to the Daily Livestock Report, published by Steiner Consulting Group.

Not to be outdone on the export front, beef exports were up 24 percent in December, even as beef for domestic consumption expanded by 6 percent.

Trump Tax Announcement Looming

The Donald Trump administration is expected to make an announcement soon regarding taxes and possible reforms. While little details were available, White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer last week said the administration would make a tax-related announcement this month. Talks regarding a tax plan by President Trump are apparently coming along well, and Trump indicated an announcement would be coming “over the next two or three weeks.” American Farm Bureau Federation see’s lowering tax rates in a way that doesn’t result in a tax increase, and eliminating the estate tax as critical tax reforms needed for farmers.

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