Clemson Cooperative Extension Reveals Strategic Plan

In our continuing series on the resurgence of Clemson Cooperative Extension, Dr. Tom Dobbins, Director of Extension, says the most recent round of hiring id nearing completion:

“We have a new hire, Dr. Jordan Smith, who will be our Team Leader and he will head our agribusiness team. We also have two other candidates we hope will accept the other positions and we will hire the area agents that will work directly with farmers to manage their business.”

Clemson Extension will be very heavily involved in some events this fall:

“We have an exciting initiative in Abbeville county where we have an agribusiness person working with the Fresh Water Consortium, working with the community and the school systems.”

The new strategic plan will be rolled out this week:

“We will roll it out and merge a lot of regions together to make us more effective and efficient. We are excited about what is happening. We have a lot of things going on at Clemson and we are very supportive and proud of our agents. We have field days booked through the fall season almost every day.”