Chinese International Relations Experts: Trade War Could lead to Cold War

Chinese experts on international relations claim the current U.S.-China trade war could lead to another cold war.

The South China Morning Post reports one expert claims: “If ideological rivalry were to become a core component of U.S.-China competition, proxy wars would break out between the two nations, similar to the U.S.-USSR clashes during the cold war era.”

Given the propaganda nature of China, it’s hard to verify the legitimacy of those claims. The U.S. recently did comment on reports of Chinese military near the Hong Kong border, as a protest in Hong Kong continues. The U.S. State Department says it is “deeply concerned” by the action.

The trade war, which prompted China to halt purchases of U.S. farm commodities, threatens a once $24 billion market for U.S. agriculture. However, the recent move by Trump, delaying a round of tariffs until December, may be an inclination of negotiation progress.

Trade leaders from China and the U.S. spoke over the phone this week and will meet in Washington next month.