China Says G4 Swine Flu Not New

China says a recently reported strain of swine flu is not a new virus. China’s Ministry of Agriculture over the weekend stated the G4 swine flu strain is not new and does not sicken humans and animals easily. The claims rebuff a study published last week, according to Reuters. China’s agriculture ministry said in a statement that the study has been interpreted by the media “in an exaggerated and nonfactual way.” The study was published in a U.S. scientific journal warning the new swine flu virus “has become more infectious to humans and could become a potential pandemic virus.” The U.S. Centers for Disease Control says the G4 strain has been spreading in China since 2016 and has become the predominant genotype found in Chinese pigs. The scientific report last week claims the virus has the “right characteristics for causing infections in people.” However, only two human infections with G4 viruses have previously been reported.