China Is The New Top Buyer of American Agricultural Goods


New numbers out this week show that China is the new number one buyer of American agricultural goods. Pork Business Dot Com says the fiscal year 2017 numbers show that China bought $22 billion worth of agricultural products, which is a large jump from the $19.2 billion purchased the year before. That jump meant China moved into the number one customer spot. America’s NAFTA partners were number two and three on the list. Second-place Canada bought $20.4 billion worth of goods, a slight jump over the previous year. Number three Mexico bought six percent more goods in the fiscal year 2017, coming in at $18.6 billion.

Where Rural Populations are Declining

USDA research economist John Cromartie looks at where rural population declines are happening per the 2017 edition of “Rural America at a Glance.”

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