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NC State Economist Mike Walden: What’s Behind Slow Investment?”

Economists say investing in equipment, technology, and worker training are keys to improving the economy for both businesses and workers.  Yet data show businesses have been doing less investing relative to the size of the economy in recent decades.  What’s

NC State Economist Mike Walden: Today’s College Students

College has changed a lot over the past several decades.  Give us some of the key characteristics of the students who attend college today. first – what are they studying top three majors are business, liberal arts, and health related

NAFTA Impacts on Beef Producers

International trade has been a hot topic in Washington. And NAFTA negotiations show no sign of wrapping up. Greg Hanes of the U.S. Meat Export Federation shares how a NAFTA withdraw would affect beef producers… Hanes wants producers to know

Tuesday News: Industrial Hemp a Challenge; WOTUS Stay Filed in Texas

Finding new crops to develop, building exports and making sure immigration provides needed workers. Those are among the key items on the agenda as State Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler in his recent “State of Agriculture” Address. Troxler says the issue

John Block: Political Conflict

Hello everybody out there in farm country. This radio commentary is brought to you by the National Corn Growers Association, CropLife America, and Renewable Fuels Association. They are all friends, supporters, and allies of healthy farm economy and prosperous rural

NC Market Highlights Feb. 12

At the weekly livestock auctions held Wednesday at Norwood and North Wilkesboro 783 cattle and no goats were sold. Slaughter cows were mixed, bulls were $3.00 to $5.00 higher when compared to the previous sales.  Feeder steers were mostly steady

Cattle Growth Slowing

USDA released its annual Cattle inventory report last week and the report confirmed that, although the U.S. cattle herd was still growing during 2017, the rate of growth slowed sharply compared to recent years. The National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS)

Far Fewer Complaints about ARC Program Yield/Payment Calculations

Farmer complaints about how USDA calculates county crop yields and payments for the ARC program are down quite a bit. Gary Crawford has more for SFN.

Too Many Peanuts?

2017 was a very productive year for peanut growers in South Carolina and the rest of the United States. But was it too productive? South Carolina peanut growers at the 39th annual South Carolina Peanut Growers’ Meeting were told production

NC State Economist Mike Walden: Housing Wealth and Home Health Care

One of the factors leading up to the Great Recession was the unprecedented run-up in residential housing prices.  With the benefit of hindsight we can blame speculation for some of the price rise.  But were there some positive outcomes also?