Crop Information & Alerts

NC OVT small grains data

See the attached version of the 2015 OVT Small Grain Variety Tests.  This attachment includes data from all locations across the state, not just Beaufort County. The report can also be viewed on-line at We just received the results

Current Soybean Insect Thesholds

I’ve been getting a lot of questions on soybean insect thresholds.  You can always find them on the soybean portal here, but this article will also list them.  Note that our stink bug threshold was raised from 2-3 stink bugs/15

Southern Corn Rust in Beaufort County

Yesterday afternoon, we found and confirmed southern corn rust in corn near Pantego. You need to keep your eyes open for rust in your fields, and know what stage of growth your crop is in to make the best decision

Southern Rust Alert for North Carolina Corn Growers

We are seeing another early outbreak of Southern Rust in corn in North Carolina in 2015.  We went through this last year.  Only good news is that this is at least a week later than the outbreak in 2015.  As

Southern Corn Rust Confirmed Near Kinston

Southern Corn Rust Confirmed Near Kinston: Randy Hewger with Pioneer discovered what he believed to be Southern Corn Rust near Kinston last week. It was confirmed by plant pathologists this week. No need to panic.  We just want you to

Calcium deficiency in tobacco

I have been seeing a lot of Calcium deficiency in tobacco beginning last week and lots of calls this week.  Ca is needed for cell wall development.  Looking at the pictures below, I am seeing upper leaf tip deformation with

How Late Can You Plant Soybeans?

How Late Can You Plant Soybeans?      The later you plant, the more dependent you are on the weather.  It’s not so much that we can’t produce a good crop of soybeans planted late, as it is that we are

Wayne County Crop Updates

Attached are the yield results for the 2015 Wheat Variety Test as well as a two year average of both 2014 and 2015 Wheat Variety Tests for Wayne County.  The 2015 Variety Test Map is also attached.   See attached

Managing Plant Bugs in Squaring Cotton

Although it looks like plant bugs may be again be an issue in 2015, we don’t need to panic.  What I mean by don’t panic is that we shouldn’t spray if it’s not needed.  Growers in the Midsouth contend with

Plant Bug Damage on Young Cotton

Below are two pictures of “black flag” symptoms on young cotton. These pictures were taken by Webster Harrell in Gates county. This is most likely due to plant bugs. Plant bugs on young cotton (particularly pre-squaring cotton) can take out