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USDA Forecasts Increased Yields for North Carolina Corn, Peanuts and Cotton

The U.S. Department of Agriculture’s National Agricultural Statistics Service (NASS) released its crop production report today from the September Agricultural Yield Survey conducted at the beginning of the month. “The Sept. 1 crop production report forecasts indicate an increase in

2015 Beaufort Hyde Washington and Tyrrell County Corn Hybrid Trials

On behalf of Anna-Beth Stewart (Washington County Extension Agent) and Andrea Gibbs (Hyde County Extension Agent), follow the link below (or see the attached version) for the results of our corn hybrid trials.  Thanks to all the farmers who hosted

Sprouting Grain Sorghum

See the attached document from Ron Heiniger describing what to do with sprouting grain sorghum. Courtesy: Ron Heiniger Professor and Extension Specialist, Corn/Soybeans/Small Grains Crop Science

2015 Wayne County Corn Variety Yield Data

Click here for the 2015 Corn Variety Test Yield Data.   Courtesy: Tyler Whaley Extension Agent-Field Crops

Wheat variety performance

Please see attached the wheat variety performance and recommendations from NCSU.  This is a great reference as you make decisions about planting wheat. Courtesy: Norman Harrell Extension Agent

Sugarcane Aphid Found in Beaufort County Grain Sorghum

We figured it would show up eventually…now it is here. If you are growing grain sorghum, you need to follow this link to read more about this insect, and what it can do to sorghum.  This is not something to

Palmer Control after Corn Harvest

Hopefully, by now all cotton fields have been hand-weeded before viable seed were produced.  As mentioned in the previous article regarding weed management, hand-weeding is the first step and a big step in weed management for the following season. However,

Farmers should have corn tested for aflatoxin

— Dry weather means that farmers are harvesting their corn a little earlier this year. Agriculture Commissioner Steve Troxler is encouraging farmers to have their corn tested for aflatoxin to prevent contamination of feeds and food. Aflatoxin is a byproduct

Corn earworm update

There are 3 blacklight traps monitored in Wilson County in the Fountain, Pender’s Cross Rds and Kenly areas. The corn earworm moth numbers are bouncing around.  Please click here to visit the webpage to view the Wilson County information as

Soybean Looper Insecticide Recommendations

Important Changes to Insecticide Recommendations for Soybean Loopers in the Blacklands: