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Resist Temptation to Plant Early

  The message to farmers these days is ‘no matter how tempting it is to get the planter out, just don’t’.  Clemson Extension agent in Calhoun County, Charles Davis: “My operative word right now is ‘patience’.  We’ve seen it happen

Photo: Tractor brigade on Pennsylvania Ave

Tractor brigade during the inaugural parade on Pennsylvania Ave in front of the National Archives. Photo Credit: Max Armstrong and Mark Oppold  

Time to Decide to Manage Wheat

  Many producers planted wheat this year as ‘maybe’ crop.  If prices came up, it would be managed and harvested, if not, it would simply be a cover crop.  Don Nicholson, regional agronomist with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture

Hopefully Just One More Year

  Coming off of two bad production years, Carolina farmers were hoping for some good news at Thursday’s Ag Development Forum at the Southern Farm Show from NC State Economist Dr. Blake Brown.  Brown recaps his talk at the Forum:

Exciting Times in Washington

  At the 12th Annual Ag Development Forum on Thursday during the Southern Farm Show at the State Fairgrounds, Ray Starling spoke to the meeting about  the new administration, his boss’s stand on issues, Senator Thom Tillis of North Carolina

You Don’t Get But One Chance to Do It Right

  Yadkin County farmer Kevin Matthews is known in the southeast for his out-of-the-box ideas and thinking that bring in big yields in both corn and soybeans.  Matthews Family Farms manages over 1,000 acres in the Yadkin River Valley in