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U.S. Talking With Other Countries About Tariff Exemptions


The U.S. is currently discussing the possibility of steel and aluminum tariff exemptions with a handful of other countries. A Reuters report says America is currently in talks with the European Union, Australia, and Argentina. On Wednesday, U.S. Trade Representative

John Deere Concerned About Trade Retaliation

john deere

The world’s largest maker of agriculture equipment, Deere and Company, is worried that possible trade tensions between the U.S. and other countries could affect its machinery sales. A Bloomberg report says the steel and aluminum tariffs on imports to America

Economist Mike Walden: Do Food Deserts Cause Nutritional Problems?

Food deserts are defined as neighborhoods lacking large supermarkets that provide a wide variety of healthy foods.  Consequently, households living in those neighborhoods have less access to healthy foods like fresh fruits and vegetables.  Is the solution to eliminate the

A Big Spike in Prices for Egg Producers and Wholesalers

Many economists tell us that figuring out the egg market is next to impossible. This month is a prime example. Gary Crawford hatches this report.

Is a Tax “Fix” in the Works?

Republican lawmakers are pushing for a tax “fix” to be inserted into the omnibus spending package to be voted on before the weekend. Farmers in cooperatives received an unintentional tax break, called Section 199A, as part of the tax reform

Economist Mike Walden: The Changing Role of Energy in the Economy


Gas prices have been running 20 to 70 cents a gallon higher during the last 6 month than in the previous six months.   Normally higher gas prices would be bad for the economy and would cause the economy to expand

The Land Grant University’s Role in Ag Biodefense

What are some of the ways the land grant university system participates in defending our nation’s food supply from bio threats? Rod Bain reports for SFN.

US Ag Exports Behind Last Year’s Pace, but Imports Climbing


We have complete trade figures for the first four months of the fiscal year. Gary Crawford has the details.

How Can Ireland Expand Ag Trade with the US?


Ireland wants to expand its ag trade with the United States, as the country seeks to diversify its markets in advance of Brexit. Stephanie Ho has the story for SFN.

NC Market Highlights for Wednesday March 21

At the livestock auction held Friday at Siler City a total of 907 cattle and 175 goats were sold.  When compared to the previous sale, slaughter cows were steady to $7.00 lower; bulls were mixed, $5.00 lower to $2.00 higher.