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A Blitz of Blazing Blueberries (Part 1)

Blueberries are very common in the U.S., but there are still blueberry mysteries to solve. Gary Crawford has this report.  

U.S., Japan, Working Hard Towards Trade Deal

Japan and the U.S. continue to make progress toward a trade agreement, according to those close to the negotiations. A Japanese official told Reuters this week, “Our team is now working pretty hard, so we are looking forward to some

China: ASF Outbreak is Slowing

The African Swine Fever death toll in China has risen to 1.2 million animals. An Associated Press Report says the infection has begun pushing global pork prices higher, even though a Chinese deputy ag minister says the rate of infection

ASF Hurting North Korea Pork Production; Philippines Stopping More Imports

Reports say North Korea is bracing for a major drop in production due to an African Swine Fever outbreak spreading across the Asian continent. Officials in the Philippines say they’ve added two more countries to the list of nations not

U.S. Makes First Rice Sale to China in Spite of Trade Dispute

Reuters says a private importer in China purchased rice from the U.S for the first time ever, even though the two countries are in the middle of a trade war. Michael Klein, a spokesman for USA Rice, says a Chinese

April Tractors Sales Up 12 Percent in 2019

The Association of Equipment Manufacturers’ Monthly Flash Report showed good news for April tractor sales. The sales of all tractors in April of 2019 were 12 percent higher than they were in April of last year. So far this year,

New Campaign Promotes North Carolina Sweet Potatoes

North Carolina is #1 in Sweet Potatoes! The North Carolina Sweet Potato Commission is working to make that known everywhere:

Corn, Bean Prices Lowered in First New Marketing Year Forecast

USDA’s first outlook of 2019-2020 crop supply and demand reveals both corn and soybeans are expected to be lower than the previous marketing year. Rod Bain from the USDA has our report:

China Announces Retaliation Against U.S. Tariff Hikes

The Chinese Finance Ministry made the expected announcement on Monday that it would respond to the most recent hike in U.S. tariffs on Chinese imports. China will raise tariff rates on $60 billion in U.S. imports, including agricultural products. The

Soybean Farmers Fed Up with Tariffs

The American Soybean Association says U.S. farmers are frustrated by the lack of progress between the U.S. and China in bringing the trade war to a close. The dispute threatens soybean prices and farmers’ ability to even stay in business.