Futures Market Recap

Grains & Oilseed Futures Plunge

Cattle futures extended their highs on Thursday, building on the momentum of an active cash market earlier this week. After a recent slowdown in the cash trade, sales between packers and feedyards took an upturn on Wednesday. Cattle sold for

Crude Futures Tumble on Oversupply of Gasoline

Cattle futures closed at their highest level in a year after prices rose at an online auction. Futures have rallied for 10 consecutive days to close the gap with cash prices, which have been buoyed by strong consumer demand for

Corn & Soybean Futures Fall Despite Weather Delays

Cattle futures closed higher on Tuesday after hitting a year-peak earlier in the session. Unexpectedly high prices in the cash market, along with rising beef values, has encouraged a rally in the futures trade, analysts said. The rally was underpinned

Cattle Futures Extend Rally

Cattle futures extended a recent rally Monday on unexpected gains in the cash trade. Analysts largely expected prices on the cash market to slide before a reversal last week pushed them back towards highs last seen in March. That gave

Livestock Futures Gain Going into Long Weekend

Cattle futures extended a rally on Thursday as feedyards fetched higher prices on the cash market. After a slow day of trade on Wednesday, meat packer demand on Thursday ticked up from the previous week. Hog futures prices also rose

Cattle Futures Continue to Rise

Cattle futures rose on Wednesday as rising beef prices underpinned strength in the market. That was despite another slow online auction Wednesday morning. That’s the result of a lingering standoff between feedyards and beefpackers. Recent tight supplies led to high

Hog Futures Fall to Lowest Close All Year

Cattle futures rose Tuesday after wholesale beef prices bounced for the first time in over two weeks. Hog futures fell to a new low Tuesday, closing at the lowest point this year. The cash market for hogs has pressured futures,

Commodity Futures Start the Week with a Bounce

Cattle futures rose on Monday as traders were buoyed by steadying prices in the cash market. Expectations that high prices between feedyards and meatpackers could tumble have so far amounted to little, with sales still averaging above futures prices. That

Hog Futures Continue to Slide on Over Supply

Cattle futures extended a rally on Friday, rising as traders bet feedyards would resist meatpacker-pressure to lower prices in the cash market. While cash prices for live cattle have fallen in recent weeks, traders are betting that they will remain

Livestock Futures Rise on Export Sales

Livestock futures rose on Thursday as stronger meat exports buoyed traders. Signs that international demand for U.S. meat is increasing offset some concerns about rising domestic supply, which have pressured prices lower in recent weeks. Exports of beef rose 9%