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Sampling for Nematodes Before Planting Sweet Potatoes

sweet potato

  A fairly new species of nematode is making itself known in the southeast, particularly in sweet potato production.  North Carolina Department of Agriculture Regional Agronomist Don Nicholson explains: “Well, we’re just seeing a newer nematode coming on the scene

NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission Completes 2017 Grant Cycle

NC Trust Comission

  Recently, the North Carolina Tobacco Trust Fund commission distributed grant awards from their 2017 grant cycle.  William Upchurch, Executive Director of the NC Tobacco Trust Fund Commission outlines some of the recipients: “We had a really good grant cycle

First 60 Days for the Launch Director of NCSU’s Plant Sciences Initiative

Stephen Briggs

  Stephen Briggs is just about 60 days on the job as the launch director of the NC State College of Ag and Life Sciences Plant Sciences Initiative.  Briggs explains his role in the PSI project: “My role here as

Hurricane Season Winding Down


  The tropics quieted down as fast as they heated up, and Corey Davis, Applied Climatologist with the North Carolina State Climate Office says it’s a little unusual to see activity come abruptly to a halt: “That’s right we usually

Ag Secretary Perdue Says Communication with the Non-farming Public Up to Farmers

Sonny Serdue at Hunt Library

  On Thursday, Ag Secretary Sonny Perdue hosted a roundtable discussion around biotechnology at NC State University in Raleigh.  While biotech was the topic on the agenda, the discussion quickly evolved into communicating farming and biotech practices to the non-farming

Cover Crop Survey: Results And Trends Revealed

What are farmers recently surveyed saying about cover crops and their impacts on crop yields, soil health benefits, and weed control? Rod Bain reports.

Costing More to Feed the Family

The American Farm Bureau Federation’s Fall Harvest marketbasket survey found the total cost of 16 foods that can be used to prepare several meals was $51.13. The cost is up $1.43, or about three percent, from the survey results a

Wind Energy and Farming

Research by the West Central Research and Outreach Center provides agriculture many benefits, including a unique way to make nitrogen fertilizer. The University of Minnesota facility in Morris, Minnesota, serves as an agriculture experiment station, with one of many focus

International Markets Love US Cattle

In the last five years the global market has quadrupled, having a tremendous impact on the U.S. dairy industry, according to Carl Kent, international marketing coordinator, for the Holstein Association USA. He says that 30 to 40 percent of dairy

Economics Behind an Animal Disease Outbreak Response Plan

What are some of the things a livestock or poultry producer should consider when putting an animal disease preparation and response plan in writing? Rod Bain reports.