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NC State Extension Working on Weed Research

Folicular Burn

  We’ve been having a conversation with NC State Extension Weed Science Professor Emeritus Dr. Alan York about the weed issues this spring’s weather has brought, as well as stewardship practices with dicamba.  Today, we conclude our visit with Dr.

The EPA Giveth, The EPA Can, and Will Taketh Away

  Yesterday, we heard from NC State Extension Weed Science Professor Emeritus, Dr. Alan York regarding this season’s weed challenges.  Today, York talks about the limited registration label for dicamba: “We literally got the labels this last winter.  So far,

Exciting Winter Wheat Varieties on the Horizon

  The North Carolina Small Grain Growers Association recently wrapped up the year’s field days showing off this year’s research.  Executive Director of NC Small Grains, Dan Weathington: “We’re a little concerned about our attendance, overall.  But, we feel like

North Carolina Drought Free

  For the first time in 14 months, the state of North Carolina is drought free, as reported in the weekly Drought Monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday.  Applied climatologist with the North Carolina State Climate Office,

Strawberry Growers Don’t Like Rain

  Many producers are happy to see a little rain, but strawberry growers aren’t among them.  North Carolina Department of Agriculture Regional Agronomist, Don Nicholson: “That’s correct, this red and pink fruit on the bushes right now…this rain is not

Corn Crop Catching Up

  The growth of the region’s corn crop slowed to a crawl with the cooler temperatures, then raced to catch up during last week’s near record highs.  NC State Extension Corn Specialist Dr. Ron Heiniger says the crop is back

USDA’s Top Science Position May Go To Non-Scientist

President Donald Trump may nominate a non-scientist to fill the Department of Agriculture’s top science job. Sam Clovis is a former economics professor and talk radio host in Iowa, and an adviser to the Trump campaign last year. He helped

Central South Carolina Producers Behind in Planting

Central South Carolina farmers are behind in planting this spring due to torrential rains the latter part of April.  Calhoun County’s Charles Davis says not only did some fields drown around Elloree, but the excessive moisture kept producers out of

A Snapshot Of Current Farm Economy

Farm prices are most noticed, yet there are other indicators to consider when it comes to the current economic health of farmers and ranchers. Rod Bain reports with USDA Chief Economist Rob Johansson.

China Beef Market Worth Billions to U.S. Producers

The U.S. says China has agreed to reopen its market to U.S. beef by mid-July—a huge win for the U.S. beef industry and the broader feed industry. The size and importance of the development cannot be overstated–China’s population is massive,