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Showing Hospitality to Wild Bees and Other Pollinators

bee keeper

This National Pollinator Week you can lay out the welcome mat for bumble bees and other important pollinators. Gary Crawford tells us how to do it…

The Only Constant is Change in U.S. Trade Talks

Just when things were starting to look better on China trade and EPA’s renewable fuels actions, agriculture’s fortunes have again taken a swift turn this week. Mike Davis reports.

Economist Mike Walden: The Best Places for Housing Affordability

With both housing prices and mortgage interest rates rising, it’s becoming more challenging for people to find an affordable home to buy.  What areas of the country and state have the best bang for your buck in buying a home?

The Right Time to Plant Soybeans


DEKALB/Asgrow/Deltapine agronomist Mike Baker explains what determines the “right time” to plant soybeans in the Carolinas.

Full-Season Cotton Varieties; China Likes American Pecans

Deltpapine agronomist Zack Webb discusses full-season cotton varieties; China like pecans. (Who knew?)

Asgrow Soybean Breeding; South American Production Forecasts

Asgrow soybean agronomist Mike Baker explains the genetics that goes into creating the unique varieties for the Carolinas; and lower production estimates for corn and soybeans in Argentina, and corn for Brazil, could create more opportunity for U.S. exports.

Soybean Planting Tips

DEKALB/Asgrow/Deltapine agronomist Mike Baker shares some tips for soybean planters heading into the 2018 season.

Some Tips on Cotton Burndown

Zachary Webb, Technical Agronomist with Monsanto, offers cotton farmers some tips on pre-planting burndown.

Smith: 2018 Cotton Season Could Outpace 2017’s Record

Last year was a record setter for South Carolina cotton farmers and 2018 could be even better if the markets and weather hold out and pests remain at bay. Clemson Extension economist Nathan Smith… Smith says that bumper crop meant

Stoneville Trial Results for Carolinas and Virginia

Bayer Crop Science Regional Agronomist Jenny Cahoon talks with SFN’s Mike Davis about the 2017 Stoneville cotton trial results and offers tips for 2018 seed selection.