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NC Commissioner Steve Troxler: The State of Forestry in North Carolina

Our N.C. Forest Service creates a report each year outlining the status of forestry resources in the state. Around 61 percent or 18.7 million acres of the state’s land area is forested. Of that 2.9 million is owned by private

Nasty Weather and Inaugurations of the Past

The weather has not only caused logistical problems for past presidential inaugurations but has even caused deaths. Gary Crawford has this report.

Shipping or Receiving Holiday Gifts of Perishable Foods?

This year more of us may be sending or receiving holiday gifts of perishable foods. An expert has tips on how to do that safely. Gary Crawford has more. The USDA’s Meat and Poultry Hotline number is 888-MPHOTLINE (888-674-5463) or

Free Training Aims to Keep Young Agricultural Workers Safe

A new, free online training aimed at supervisors of young agricultural workers is available with a goal to protect younger workers. The training was designed with input from agricultural educators, farmers, producers, supervisors, parents, and agricultural safety and health professionals,

Deciphering the Derecho

Although a familiar weather event in the Midwest, little is known about the high wind systems called derechos. Rod Bain reports.

Late Start to MLB Season Not Hurting Hot Dog Consumption

Baseball and hot dogs are an American summer tradition that’s fit together well for a very long time. The recent start of the baseball season would typically be great news for the hot dog industry. Eric Mittenthal is the President

Chinese Ag Purchases Aren’t Just Because of Trade Agreement

The pace of Chinese purchases of U.S. agricultural commodities has picked up in recent weeks. Industry experts are speculating that the Asian nation is trying to catch up on its Phase One Trade Agreement obligations. Ben Kasch is an account

Corn Production Lower, Soybean Ending Stocks Higher in July WASDE

The July World Ag Supply and Demand Estimates Report is calling for sharply lower supplies in corn, along with reduced feed and residual use, increased food, seed, and industrial use, as well as lower ending stocks. Corn production is lowered

Farmland Prices Continue Decline, Farm Borrowing Increasing

The latest Rural Mainstreet Index from Creighton University shows farmland prices are declining while farmer borrowing is growing. The overall index for May increased to 12.5 from April’s record low 12.1, but down significantly from March’s weak 35.5. The index

NMPF: More Aid Needed For Dairy Producers

Current federal aid programs available to dairy farmers are considered good first steps in helping them navigate the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic and related demand issues, but more will be needed, according to the National Milk Producers Federation. Last week, Congress