Daily Ag Summary

The Economic Perspective: “Does Residential Growth Pay for Itself”

This is Mary Walden with economist MW, welcoming you to the economic perspective.  Today’s program asks if residential growth pays for itself. Mike, many communities in North Carolina are growing very rapidly.   Much of this growth is in the form

John R. Block Reports from Washington January 17, 2020 “THE ISSUES OF THE DAY”

       Hello everybody out there in farm country.  This radio commentary is brought to you by the National Corn Growers Association, CropLife America, and Renewable Fuels Association.  They are all friends, supporters, and allies of a healthy farm economy

Agriculture, Perdue Reacts to USMCA Senate Passage

Those across the agriculture spectrum offered applause to lawmakers in the Senate who overwhelming supported approval of the U.S.-Mexico-Canada Agreement on Thursday, 89-10. National Corn Growers Association President Kevin Ross says the vote ensures “corn farmers will continue to have

Soldiers of the Gridiron Sometimes Find Weather is the Real Enemy

The NFL playoff games this year have been played in fairly decent weather, nothing like some wild games of the past. Gary Crawford has more.  

How to ID Tax Identity Theft and Fraud

Your personal information in the wrong hands could result in someone filing a fraudulent tax return in your name. What can you do to protect yourself? Rod Bain reports.  

A Balancing Act: Bull Development

Building your bull development program might be challenging, once your plan is composed, the impact is bound to be rewarding. Owner and operator at Snyder Livestock Company Inc., Lucy Rechel, provides insight on constructing a bull development program that ensures

Crop Insurance Premiums due by January 31

USDA’s Risk Management Agency is reminding producers that their crop insurance premiums for the 2019 crop year are due January 31. Policies that do not have the premium paid by January 31, 2020, will have interest attach on February 1,

The Economic Perspective: “Why Have Recession Worries Eased?”

I’m Mary Walden with economist MW welcoming you to the economic perspective. Today’s program asks, why have recession worries eased.  Mike, six months ago many economy watchers were very pessimistic about the economy.  Several suggested a recession would occur by

NCBA’s Take on Growing Alternative Proteins Industry

Cattlemen are watching the growing number of alternative proteins coming on the market. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association is also a close observer. Mike Davis has details.

Lowest Overall Crop Acreage Since 1970

USDA has recorded the lowest overall acreage planted with major crops since 1970. Stephanie Ho has the story.