Daily Ag Summary

GenX Plant to Supply Clean Water to Nearby Residents

State environmental officials are directing a chemical company to provide bottled water to 11 homes near its North Carolina plant. The state Department of Environmental Quality said Thursday that preliminary test results showed residential water wells containing the little-studied compound

GOP May Back Away from Estate Tax Repeal

The White House and GOP Congressional leaders are considering ditching estate tax repeal and other tax breaks that Democrats charge favor the wealthy. The idea is to pick up Democratic votes by shaping tax reform more toward the middle-class. Democrats

Pecan Pies at Risk Following Hurricane Irma

An Associated Press review of financial records and published work finds that Michael L. Dourson, President Donald Trump’s nominee to oversee chemical safety at the Environmental Protection Agency, has for years accepted payments for criticizing peer-reviewed studies that raised concerns

Arkansas Makes First Move Toward Possible Dicamba Ban

  The Arkansas Plant Board took up a recommendation for a window on dicamba use in the state from January 1 to April 15 in 2018. There are still several steps to go through before the recommendation is approved.  State

North Carolina State Vet Encouraging Rabies Vaccine for Livestock

  State Veterinarian Dr. Doug Meckes is encouraging North Carolina livestock owners to consider having their animals vaccinated against rabies. “This year we have seen five cases of rabies in livestock,” Meckes said. “Horses, cattle and goats are naturally curious

Hurricane Irma Takes South Carolina Drought Conditions with Her

  In the latest drought monitor released by the Drought Mitigation Center on Thursday, the remnants of Hurricane Irma wiped out South Carolina’s abnormally dry conditions.  Last week almost 38% of the state, straight through the midlands, were in abnormally

USDA Predicting Larger Corn, Soybean Harvest

  The Department of Agriculture expects a larger corn and a record soybean harvest in the most recent round of monthly reports. USDA forged against expectations and raised corn production to an estimated 14.1 billion bushels and soybeans to a

South Carolina Tobacco Harvested Ahead of Irma

  In the week ended September 10th, there were just shy of seven days suitable for field work in South Carolina, compared to just under six the previous week.  Rusty Skipper with Horry County reports that tobacco harvest had all

North Carolina Department of Ag Activates Hotline

  The North Carolina Department of Agriculture has activated it’s hotline to connect farmers with resources that can assist with agricultural emergencies.  The toll-free number is 1-866-645-9403, and the line is answered 12 hours a day, from 7:00 am until

Crop Insurance Will Only Go So Far

As Texas works to assess and begin cleaning up the mess left by Hurricane Harvey, cotton farmers are looking for ways to recover. Texas Farm Bureau spokesperson Gene Hall says there are federal programs available to assist growers, but those