AI Flu

Southeastern States Watching Midwestern High Path AI Case Closely

  Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza was confirmed in a turkey flock in Indiana late last week and Dr. Boyd Parr, State Veterinarian for the State of South Carolina says the diagnosis comes as no surprise: “While disappointing, it’s not necessarily

High Path AI Discovered in Indiana

  Friday Ag Secretary Tom Vilsack announced that avian influenza, which devastated poultry operations around the country in 2015, was discovered on an Indiana farm… “We want to encourage folks to be ever-vigilant on the biosecurity side if their own

NCDA Lifts Poultry Restrictions

Last Thursday, North Carolina Department of Agriculture lifted restrictions on sales and shows of live poultry and well as rescinded the mandatory registration of commercial and backyard flocks across the state.  Restrictions were put in place in August of 2015

Early Wild Bird Testing Negative for AI

  The southeast is still in preparation mode when it comes to the potential arrival of high pathogenic avian influenza.  Joe Reardon, assistant commissioner of consumer protection with the North Carolina Department of Agriculture says testing and monitoring of migratory

Looking for Holes in Biosecurity in AI Preparations

At Tuesday’s 11th annual Food Safety Forum, hosted by NC Ag Commissioner Steve Troxler, the topic was preparation for the occurrence of high path avian influenza, anticipated to affect the east coast later this year.  Oscar Garrison, Director for Food

North Carolina Prepared for Avian Influenza

“We started in march and took trips to Minnesota and Iowa and set a plan in motion and are at a point where those plans are finalizing. We learned how to attack a house differently. We go into a site

Preparations for Avian Influenza Continue

Recently a conference was held in Des Moines, Iowa regarding highly pathogenic avian influenza, primarily to benefit states that were spared the last round in late winter and early spring.  Dr. Doug Meckes, State Veterinarian for the State of North

USDA Will Stockpile Avian Flu Vaccine for Possible Fall Outbreak, Needs More Money for Battle

USDA officials told congress they will stockpile commercial vaccine to combat avian flu that could return this fall, after devastating poultry flocks in 21 states this summer. APHIS and ARS officials told House Ag Livestock members, research continues on a

N.C. continues to prepare for possible avian influenza outbreak

RALEIGH – State Veterinarian Doug Meckes announced additional precautions that are being put in place to help North Carolina prepare for a possible introduction of highly pathogenic avian influenza. The N.C. Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services is requiring all

Senate Subcommittee Hears Avian Influenza Testimony

It’s been two weeks since a new case of highly pathenogenic avian influenza has been found in the US—with Minnesota and Iowa being the two hardest hit states. During a hearing Tuesday before the Senate Agriculture Committee, Deputy Administrator for