SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Local Food Supply Stories

South Carolina Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers is here to tell us more about some local producers and distributors that continue to adapt and work to provide food and services to South Carolinians during COVID 19 restrictions. ● Senn Brother Produce-

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: ACRE Applications Now Open

Applications for the 2020 ACRE Advanced Entrepreneurship Program are due on May 1, 2020. Here to tell us more about the program is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers ● The Agribusiness Center for Research and Entrpreneurship’s Advanced Entrepreneurship program is

High Path Avian Flue Found, Then Squashed in SC Turkey Flock

Highly pathogenic avian influenza was detected last week in a commercial turkey flock in the southwest part of South Carolina, but quick work by producers, inspectors and researchers has  squelched the outbreak. Mike Davis gets the details from SC Ag

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Spring Update

Spring has sprung in South Carolina. Here to give us a spring crop update is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh Weathers. ● Spring and early summer produce are shaping up to have a great season here in SC. The winter was

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Remembering Willie McRae

We’ve been focused on global events over the past few months, but today Commissioner Weathers is here to talk about a very personal story – the impact of one man on South Carolina. This week I want to honor the

SCDA Keeping the Food Moving

State departments of agriculture are working hard to keep food moving to consumers during the COVID-19 Crisis. Hugh Weathers, Commissioner of Agriculture for South Carolina, told Southeast Produce Weekly on RFD-TV that the supply chain is adjusting to meet the

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: COVID-19 Update

As state and city regulations are put in place to help combat the spread of COVID-19 in South Carolina, the South Carolina Department of Agriculture is providing valuable resources and information to farmers, processors and the general public. Here to

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: Soybean Board Nominations

USDA’s Agricultural Marketing Service (AMS) is requesting nominations by May 1, 2020, to fill positions that will become vacant, including alternate positions, on the United Soybean Board in December 2020. Here to tell us more is SC Ag Commissioner Hugh

SC Commissioner Hugh Weathers: COVID-19 and Food Supply

As South Carolinians come together to help stop the spread of COVID-19, Commissioner of Agriculture Hugh Weathers wants people to know that there is plenty of food to weather the crisis. That’s right Mike. Needless to say, we are living

Weathers: Food and Fiber Industries Are Essential During Emergency

COLUMBIA — Agriculture, food production and food distribution are essential industries that provide food and fiber for all and play a critical role in the state’s economy. Never is this more true than during an emergency. During the COVID-19 response, Commissioner of